Abortion protest on a public campus

Our free speech is threatened when we say some speech is “too graphic” to be reasonable speech.   Some (most?) college campus have rules to restrict the locations and form of speech.  These restrictions are good when they prevent traffic jams (pedestrian or vehicular), protect property from vandalism, keep volume at a non disrupting level, keep building entrances from being blocked and manage other logistical issues.  Unreasonable restrictions impose on content and free speech.  This especially includes so-called “free speech” zones.

Community, students and parents clash over freedom of speech

Published: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Photos by Christopher Carter and Ted Copeland/The Olympian

Olympic College student Jonathan Terry argues with Jacob Ferman over abortion issues Wednesday. A crowd gathered during the day to engage in discussion and protest the signs the Kitsap Anti-Choice Project has been showing on campus.

Photos by Christopher Carter and Ted Copeland/The Olympian

Olympic College students Matthew Kunkel (left) and Mark McConnell (right) hold signs protesting the presence of the Kitsap Anti-Choice Project and its supporters on the Bremerton campus Wednesday.

Protest Gallery

protest107web/protest1077.jpg protest107web/protest1072.jpg protest107web/protest1071.jpg protest107web/protest1073.jpg protest107web/protest1078.jpg protest107web/protest1074.jpg protest107web/protest1075.jpg protest107web/protest1076.jpg //

Words were fired back and forth between anti-abortion protesters and Olympic College students and community members on Oct. 7.

Repulsed by the graphic content of signs from the Kitsap Anti-Choice Project, students responded by making signs of their own and attempted to expel the group from campus.

The response to the content of the protesters message has raised questions about the First Amendment at OC. Questions regarding who has the right to free speech at OC; if there are any limits to what can be said or displayed; by what methods it is acceptable to present a message and if there are any restrictions to where protests can occur have arisen.

According to OC President David Mitchell, everybody at the college is granted free speech.

OC is an open campus and non-students are not restricted in First Amendment rights.

read the whole article at: http://www.ocolympian.com/news/community-students-and-parents-clash-over-freedom-of-speech-1.793251

The organization Justice For All http://www.jfaweb.org/organizes this type of display though I don’t know of their involvement here.  See their website for information on how they present this argument.   They came to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (close to my neck of the woods) in the spring of 2009 and created just such a debate.

There’s a pro-abortion group that advertises itself as a women’s reproductive rights group.  They call themselves Feminist Campushttp://www.feministcampus.org/default.asp  They hold such anti-life opinions as abortion is health care and that Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Abstinence Education are bad yet Planned Parenthood is good.  I mention them so you know what the opposition is saying.


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