Cameraman Assaulted at 40days for Life

This is from a press release of Right to Life of Central California.

We’re not being hysterical here.  As a matter of fact be deliberately (my word choice) matter of fact when you defend the ProLife movement.  Note who’s attacking whom any why.  We don’t encourage any resonse in kind.  Just make sure that you can explain the nature of the violence in the clinic and outside the clinic in terms of who is doing the attacks.

Its also posted here on YouTube

Pattern of Threats and Intimidation Escalates Into an Assault
on a Pro-Life Volunteer at a Prayer Vigil

FRESNO, CA – Right to Life of Central California (RLCC), one of the largest pro-life organizations west of the Mississippi, today condemned the pattern of threats and intimidation targeted at pro-life volunteers, that escalated into an assault Thursday afternoon. 

On October 15th, Day 23 of our 40 Days for Life campaign, a pro-choice woman shouted obscenities at 40 Days volunteers, before attempting to break the event security camera and assaulting Victor Fierro, director of Latinos4Life. The attacker cut Fierro’s arm with an unknown object, drawing blood, and then stormed back to her car and fled the scene. Much of the encounter took place right behind the camera, but the audio was all captured, as well as her face and license plate number. A police report is being filed this morning, and the video being uploaded to YouTube later today.

RLCC’s Education Director Josh Brahm said, “We’re just trying to hold a peaceful prayer vigil out here. We’re law-abiding citizens, standing on a public sidewalk, with the full support of the Fresno Police Department, and yet several pro-abortion-choice people have been harassing us since day one. Now it’s turned physical.”

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