AUL and House health care legislation

From Americans United for Life

The fight to remove the abortion mandate from the health care bill is becoming more intense by the hour., Pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) is making headlines with his announcement that 40 Democrats are prepared to block health care reform legislation from coming to the House Floor unless its abortion mandate is removed. Here at AUL Action, we are working against time to support the efforts of Stupak and other pro-lifers on the Hill, meeting with Congressmen to ensure they know what’s at stake if the health care reform bill is not amended to protect life. Even as House members express determination to remove abortion from the House bill, in our meetings we have learned that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership are working hard to convince pro-life members of Congress that the Capps Amendment “compromise” prevents abortion funding and coverage. Please, call your Congressman and tell him/her that the Capps Amendment is not a compromise. The Stupak/Pitts language must be included in the House bill.

and further:

Our online ad “Don’t Be Fooled: Abortion is in Health Care Reform” shows how abortion advocates are trying to use health care reform as a means of forcing Americans to pay for the destruction of unborn life. Please watch it on and send it to your friends, your family—everyone you know who doesn’t want to see their tax dollars fund abortion-on-demand.

Read whole article here:

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