Vote in the House; email your Congressman

Please email your congressman today or tonight. 

Americans United for Life AUL writes:

“This is it”

Congressman Mike Pence
Chairman, House Republican Conference 

Dear Friend,

As I write this, I’ve just come from a meeting on Capitol Hill, and I have an update for you on the battle to keep abortion out of health care.  The bottom-line message I bring you from the Congressmen and Senators we talked with is this:  now is the time to act . . . and we need YOU to win the day.  Senator John Thune, Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee told us, “This is when it gets down to the serious moment.”

The message of the day was that your Congressman really needs to hear from you.  A vote on the U.S. House health bill H.R. 3942 could come to the floor as early as this SATURDAY.  We heard today that after the wins of two pro-life politicians, Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey on Tuesday, abortion supporters in Congress are “really sweating.”   It’s up to us now to be sure they understand that Americans do not want abortion in health care reform.

The House Health Care BillYesterday, the House Rules Committee announced that the “rule” for considering the health care legislation will include language put forward by Representative Brad Ellsworth, D-Ind. which the House leadership is FALSELY describing as “pro-life.”  Rep. Ellsworth claims his Amendment would “prevent tax-payer funded abortions.” Unfortunately, his amendment does NOT prevent taxpayer funding of abortion. 

The Ellsworth Amendment allows the public option to pay for abortion on demand and allows government dollars to go to private plans that cover abortion.  This amendment would undermine the only pro-life amendment that truly protects life in health care reform: the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. 

Our pro-life friends on the Hill are concerned that the pro-abortion House Leadership will deny the Stupak-Pitts Amendment a vote.  But without that amendment, pro-life Members cannot vote for health care reform.

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One Response to Vote in the House; email your Congressman

  1. David Johnson says:

    3942 is the Veterans Health Care Stamp Act…
    I think you are concerned about HR 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. (Major typo by the AUL…)

    Response: Yes. Mea culpa for not proofing too. The subject bill is at

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