CNN Abortionist story

The abortionist and his No. 1 foe

By Wayne Drash, CNN
October 27, 2009 9:44 a.m. EDT

Dr. LeRoy Carhart pauses in his Nebraska office near a poster of his best friend, George Tiller, who was killed in May.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart pauses in his Nebraska office near a poster of his best friend, George Tiller, who was killed in May.

  • Dr. LeRoy Carhart is new face of late-term abortion after killing of George Tiller
  • “I don’t want his death to be in vain,” Carhart says
  • Troy Newman of Operation Rescue wants Carhart out of business
  • Bellevue, Nebraska (CNN) — When you cross The Line of Death onto clinic property, the protesters stare at you. They get on walkie talkies and relay information: Your car. What you look like. Any identifying detail.

    “Take a look around you, sir,” one woman shouts. “The place is a dump.”

    The parking lot at Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska, is crumbled. A giant sign reads “Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska.” Paint peels off the sides of the building, once a motorcycle shop, a car dealership showroom and an electronics store.

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    4 Responses to CNN Abortionist story

    1. So Troy Newman thinks he’s Dr. Carhart’s “number-one foe”???

      What a joke! Newman is AT BEST a minor nuisance.

      Dr. Carhart’s number-one foe is the right-to-life terrorst who will try to murder him. (Name not yet known).

    2. Matt says:

      Your interesting use of language does NOT support your argument.
      We AGREE that a murderer is a murderer.
      Your use of the word “terrorist” is inapt, disingenuous and unfactual. Its also a sloppy argument technique like calling coal mining that plants trees after removing the entire mountain “green.” You’re latching on to a word and its emotional context and trying to use that emotion to sway toward your opinion. (The murderer who killed Tiller was not a “terrorist” but a troubled and perhaps evil man. He certainly is a violent man.)
      Your pre-supposing that some future Carhart killer would be a right-to-lifer does nothing to help prevent the act. It actually encourages the act. Is that what you want so you can be “right?” I suggest you stop.
      Also keep your comments on the “murderer/not-murderer” debate to the original thread. I will only approve comments on various threads at DE that are germane to the topic.

    3. Yeah, I’m not raising that argument here. I’m just pointing out that Newman is NOT Dr. Carhart’s #1 foe, and saying who is.

      And you’re wrong–Scott Roeder IS a terrorist. He told the press that he killed Dr. Tiller because Dr. Tiller was an abortion-doc, and that if he every got out of prison he would kill another abortion doc. That means his crime was directed not just against Dr. Tiller, but generally against all abortion docs. That’s terrorism.

    4. Matt says:

      Terrorism: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. Stop using the term.

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