Congressmen who need your check

Congressman worry when a high-profile donor declares publicly that they are not funding them the next cycle.

If at all possible and especially if these are your Representatives send them off a nice thank you for the Stupak Ammendment.  Also, after you have reviewed the balance of their voting record (, send a small check.  These “off cycle” checks encourage them to expect more support in the campaign next year.  Also it helps them in the primary – which is only months away – to present themselves to Democratic power brokers as the candidate who can win against the Republicans in the fall.  Yes I am here talking about supporting a Democrat.  If in the fall the best choice is the Republican then do the right thing in the general election.  But right now let these representatives know that they did the right thing and won’t be punished for it.

Also ask them if they would explain and clarify their vote in writing.  If it was strictly Pro-life then excellent but a “States’ Rights” argument or a “too expensive” argument are equally valid.

Rodriquez represents Texas 23rd district near Del Rio, Fort Stockton and San Antonio

Harry Teague represents New Mexico’s 2nd district (there are only 3) including Las Cruces and Roswell.

See this article in The Hill

Abortion-rights groups threaten not to fund Rodriguez and Teague

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said her organization is “very disappointed” in the two.

“Our expectation is that they will see how the Stupak amendment adversely affects women and reconsider their position if the issue comes before the House again.”

“We have reached out to these members and will inform them that there will be consequences for not standing with us on this vote,” Shipp said.

By Aaron Blake – 11/12/09 06:00 AM ET

Abortion-rights groups are threatening to withhold their support from lawmakers who supported the Stupak amendment.

Abortion-rights groups are threatening to withhold their support from lawmakers who supported a provision in the House healthcare bill that restricts federal funding on abortion.

Two major groups took aim at members they seem to have lost over the issue.

The Democrats — Reps. Ciro Rodriguez and Harry Teague — stood out as members of Congress who received NARAL’s and Planned Parenthood’s money last cycle and proceeded to vote for the Stupak Amendment on Saturday.

NARAL political director Elizabeth Shipp said in a statement to The Hill that Rodriguez (Texas) and Teague (N.M.) will pay a price for their votes.

See the whole article at


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