Paying for a “right” to Abortion

The Alliance Defense Fund is making sense as usual.  Look at this to understand and refute the argument that Abortion is a “right” and any opposition to it is “religious” and so “unConstitutional.”

Abortion advocates are furious. More so than usual. On November 7, Democrats in the House were forced to allow a pro-life ban on government funding of abortion insurance in their health care reform bill, consistent with 30 years of federal government policy. The funding ban passed 240-194, with 64 Democrats voting in favor. That margin parallels the 71% of Americans who oppose government funding of abortion, and the majority of Americans who positively identify themselves as pro-life.

then says:

Their favorite target is the US Catholic Bishops, who supported the pro-life amendment. Borrowing a common intimidation tactic from their anti-Christian allies, a member of Congress actually called for the Catholic Church’s tax exempt status to be revoked. Law professor Marci Hamilton decries the pro-life amendment as an unconstitutional establishment of a federal religion.

and further

And regarding abortion, the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld government decisions not to fund abortion, and even to promote life over abortion. There is no requirement for government assistance in support of abortion, while there is no constitutional ban on government assistance to religious groups. Abortion advocates have it completely backwards.

read the entire analysis at


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