Flawed Health Care Bill

Yet another analysis of the flawed health care legislation.  This time though it’s by a practicing Physician who writes in plain english in a letter to his US Senator.


Here it is on the Congress’ website:



One Response to Flawed Health Care Bill

  1. Maybe a Catholic can tell me whether or not this is right– a letter published in nytimes:

    To the Editor:

    Representative Patrick J. Kennedy is on stronger theological ground than Bishop Thomas J. Tobin. A legislator may support the legalization of a practice that he or she personally deems immoral.

    Thus, SS. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas thought prostitution immoral but supported the legalization of prostitution on the grounds that greater evils would ensue if this outlet for aberrant sexual energy were outlawed. Aquinas even said that in doing this the “wise legislator” would be imitating God, who tolerates certain evils lest greater evils ensue.

    So a Catholic legislator who thinks all abortions are immoral could still vote to keep it legal because of the evils that would ensue, especially for poor women.

    Daniel C. Maguire
    Milwaukee, Nov. 23, 2009

    The writer is a professor of moral theology at Marquette University.

    Whaddaya think?

    [OC, I think:
    https://deliberateengagement.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/legistlators-who-personally-oppose-abortion/ – DE

    I also think that a simple web search for “Daniel C. Maguire Milwaukee, Nov. 23, 2009 The writer is a professor of moral theology at Marquette University.” finds his letter at http://prch.org/physicians-outraged-murder-abortion-provider-george-tiller-md#comment PRCH is hardly a Catholic organization.

    Dr Maguire appears to be on a one-man quest to change all world religions on the issue of Abortion and Contraception. Note his personal website where he has a shingle out for THE RELIGIOUS CONSULTATION. Again hardly a Catholic viewpoint. He also has written a book SACRED CHOICES: The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions See http://www.religiousconsultation.org/

    Further I find that the website for the Department of Theology at Marquette – indeed the entire Marquette website – has exactly one mention of “mandatum”. Catholic is as Catholic does. Dr. Maguire, Marquette and Representative Kennedy aren’t Catholic except in the loosest fluffy way.

    Note I am not calling for all Pro-Life people to become Catholic. I’m noting that “Catholic” has been dumbed down on this very issue by those who would keep their “Catholic ID badge” but don’t want to walk the walk. Many faith traditions and people of good will understand and oppose abortion on demand as a moral evil.

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