attracting attention

OC from Operation Counterstrike has written many comments here.  Several are hostile.  Most don’t reflect a willingness to hear our words but do display their hostility.

After an email where they offered to do violence to my person in reply to my offer to engage in dialog – I have decided to avoid conversation with them.  It’s clearly not helping the topic here.  (In this same email they managed to make an insult that was simultaneously scatological and blasphemous – a crappy little trick if you ask me.) 

I would welcome any comments on a helpful way to proceed.

5 Responses to attracting attention

  1. Laura says:

    Discussing this with Our Mutual Friend, who points out ” they have to attack the unborn, and they have to attack those who are pro-life. to do otherwise is to admit they’re wrong.” I think she hit the nail on the head.

    It’s really a shame, because so much is at stake, here. And earnest dialogue with sincere people is quite enjoyable, really.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before: there are those sins that are so violent, and so diametrically opposed to our real human nature (our created nature), that to engage in them is to create a warp in one’s character. Such sins, therefore, aren’t limited only to the specific action they involve, but effect the whole of one’s being in immediate, dramatic, and very recognizable ways.

    I’m convinced that abortion is one of two major areas where this occurs.

    [and the other major way is? -DE]

  2. Laura says:

    Homosexuality. Probably porn addiction, pedophilia, et al – the “big” violations of sexual integrity. I think serial, chronic adultery/fornication do, too (sex addiction?) – but not so visibly as the other ones.

  3. Matt says:

    Which of these are OC’s?

  4. Laura says:

    Vehement advocacy of abortion – not choice, but abortion, and on mercenary grounds – has to create in the soul (or psyche, if one prefers) a fissure. With a growing determination to continue to be “right”, that fracture can only grow and worsen. If these fissures are not recognized and mended quickly, they can reach catastrophic dimensions.

    You understand that I am speaking less of any person, and more in general principles; every single one of us runs a risk of doing such soul-damage to ourselves when we willfully persist in loving what God has told us is wrong. I only have observed that some sin choices are more violently damaging to the soul than others.
    [slightly edited – DE]

  5. Laura says:

    This one’s been simmering for several days now, and I wanted to give another, very sincere attempt at responding to the issue – not because I think Matt needs help (he certainly doesn’t!) but because maybe other people deal with these challenges.

    For several years, I identified strongly with the Religious Society of Friends, the Quakers. They have an expression: “Speaking to That of God in every man,” which means, simply, that we make a deliberate effort to remember that our opponent is a soul created by God, for whom Christ died – or, as C.S. Lewis wrote, I think in Prince Caspian, to be a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve is enough dignity to raise the head of the lowliest beggar, and enough shame to bow the head of the loftiest king.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ had another way of addressing this. We call it The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    In short, when we engage in discussion with opponents on the abortion issue, or other issues, we have an obligation to treat them with courtesy, dignity, and a fundamental human respect that demonstrates, that models, the basic respect for human life of the unborn we would have them to embrace.

    In fact, I believe we have a GREATER obligation to courtesy, good manners, and basic kindness – because we know better, because we have a higher Ideal to cling to.

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