A religious argument for action

This is interesting and well written.  From a Christian and Catholic perspective the purpose of social activism is to reform the society to better reflect the Truth of how God made us.  Even without accepting this premise the content of this essay is enlightening and wise.

All the problems that we see today in society and in our church can be traced to these three fundamental strategies. It is the basis of the politically correct movement and of the heresy of individualism. These strategies are the fuel that powers feminism, the engine that drives liberalism, and the vehicle of the post-modern worldview that dominates our world today and that contaminates the Church.

These three secret strategies are:

  • All opinions are equal
  • Never judge anyone
  • Never step on toes
  •  read the entire essay at:  http://www.saint-mike.org/warfare/library/wp-content/docs/secret.pdf

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