Culture of Life and ProLife

The Culture of Life Foundation works to teach and defend life.  Their articles are wise and informed.  This one explains how Representative Bart Stupak continues to work to prevent Health Care Deform that will fund abortions.  He specifically called out the interviewer on abortion.

Health Care Action Alert

by E. Christian Brugger, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Ethics

We have a pro-life statesman in Washington.

And he’s a Democrat.

Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak and eleven other pro-life Democrats are threatening (again) to bring down health care because of the abortion mandate embedded in the final bill. Without their votes, the legislation likely will not pass.

Negotiations stemming from last week’s “Health Care Summit” between President Obama and Republican congressional leaders led to no substantial changes in the debate.  Federal abortion funding remains embedded in the Senate bill, which is now the version that proponents intend to pass through the “reconciliation” process (aka “the nuclear option”).

The entire article is at:

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