House actions on HC

Dems keep pressure on Stupak over healthcare bill and abortion concerns

By Jordy Yager – 03/07/10 12:34 PM ET

Abortion continued to loom Sunday as the thorny issue that could paralyze the momentum of healthcare reform efforts in the home stretch.
Across the Sunday morning shows, lawmakers took sides over whether the final healthcare bill contains language that would allow people receiving government subsidized healthcare to obtain an abortion, and a White House official accused abortion opponent Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) of being “misinformed” about the Senate bill.

But I don’t see where the article clearly explains this “pressure.”

Please everyone here write your congressman – your Representative but also your Senators.
The FRC contact website is good.
See this post for where we’ve said why
and this post where we show you how

The entire The Hill story is at:

One of the comments to the posted story is a great read. I think it gets its own post. To read it before I get it posted see:

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