NC Amendment 1 to protect traditional marriage

The Baptist Press posts an interesting analysis of the polls of North Carolina voters concerning Amendment 1.  The amendment states:

Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.

Several polls last week showed that the amendment is likely to fail.  The Baptists however state:

Two new polls that use the exact language citizens will see on the ballot show a proposed North Carolina marriage amendment with a substantial lead.

A survey of 1,191 likely voters by Public Policy Polling has the amendment ahead, 58-38 percent, while a poll of 1,001 by SurveyUSA has the amendment up, 58-36 percent.

I live in perhaps one of the most liberal places in the United States.  Jesse Helms once said – when he balked at spending money on a state zoo – to instead “put a fence around Chapel Hill.”

That said, the received wisdom that I hear from everyone on this issue is that Same-Sex Marriage is a “right.” If we oppose it – with this amendment or otherwise – we will be seen as the hateful south – a real boogie-man to many down here.

However it seems that most of North Carolina agrees with me.

Whether this amendment is good business or good politics or good jurisprudence remains to be seen.  Arguably it may be a necessary step to prevent the courts from overturning validly enacted laws defining marriage.  Where supporters have succeeded in making this a “rights” issue in the press (sometimes by using deliberately distorting the phrasing of poll questions), supporters of traditional marriage are painted as backwards at best and hateful knuckle-draggers and likely KKK members at worst.  I’m not; at least I don’t think I am.  It appears that most of voting-age North Carolina agrees with me – except in this little island of self-righteous liberalism.

Baptist Press article is at:


One Response to NC Amendment 1 to protect traditional marriage

  1. Laura says:

    The more traditionally-minded rural communities will almost certainly pass the Amendment; it’s the cities and academic centers where the liberal and gay communities are centered that the vote’s going to be something to fight for. And hard! In fact, I’m seeing maybe 1 anti-Amendment yard sign for every 10 in favor, down here where I live; but my Congressional candidate told me, Friday, that up around the northern end of our district, which hits over toward Elon, the ratio is just about the reverse.

    I’m disgusted how anti-amendment our local network affiliates are. It’s one thing for a group to buy ads – that’s their right – but for the reporting to be so wildly slanted in the one direction, barely giving a nod to the existence of the other, is irresponsible in the extreme! I’ve contacted the two major ones to register my disappointment – No response, of course.

    And that doesn’t BEGIN to address the outright dishonesty of the anti-amendment rhetoric.. !!!

    Another point – NEVER, in the entire course of human history, including ancient Greece where homosexuality was idealized (remember Plato? “The love of a man is better than the love of a woman.”) has marriage been recognized as anything other than between man and woman. What makes our 21st Century gays so precious that they get “rights” unimagined by prior civilizations, I cannot fathom.

    An argument I’ve heard is that the state doesn’t have any business sticking its nose in marriage. More idiocy. The State – whichever, wherever, whenever – has ALWAYS had an interest in marriage; it’s how legitimacy of offspring and inheritance were established. Allen West is absolutely correct when he asserts that marriage and abortion are two issues affecting our national security.

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