Reflections on Alfie’s Death

May 2, 2018

When we abandon the Judeo-Christian worldview, we lose the basis for treating others with dignity and respect. It’s the fact that we are created in the image and likeness of God, souls for whom Christ died, that gives dignity and value to every human being. This is what has been the foundation of medical care and social outreach since the Church first formed relief efforts and hospitals: people have been cared for with dignity and tenderness because they have represented the Creator, the Savior.

And Without that foundation, people become mere utilitarian objects, disposable when they lose their obvious “value.” This is what has happened with Charlie Gard, with Alfie Evans, with cancer patients in Holland and Belgium and France . . in Sweden . . . is happening now with an accident victim in France, and a 91-year old woman whose only ailment is a broken wrist, in Vermont, USA.

We must wake from our slumber! Our world is imploding in a morass of immorality! We are so much more than our utilitarian function in society. The objectification of others must be fought against, wherever it is found!