Act Now!

This is where we post short announcements of bills to oppose, representatives to thank, letters to write, etc.

We are not omniscient and are fallible.  Please read and ensure you agree before sending a letter to your senator.   If you see any problems please point them out to us right away by emailing us at deliberateengagement at

“Today’s” To Do list:

FRC is attempting to remove abortion funding from the national health care debate.  Consider their petition at sign our petition today to stand against your tax dollars being taken to fund the abortion industry.

Write to your  US Representative to express your opposition HR 2410.  Tell Congress to Reject Abortion Promotion by Secretary of State.

Write to your Senator/Representative to express your opposition to Prevention First (link disabled til I check on it.)

Sign FRC’s Petition to Help Block Tax-Funded Abortions

Sign FRC’s Petition to stop US Senate passing the “Hate Crimes” bill

3 Responses to Act Now!

  1. we are trying to sign the petition to block tax funded abortion but when i click on the link–it says page not available. so i e-mailed our senators and some of the state representatives.
    what else can we do?

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks for your comment. I, personally, distrust online petitions; in former times, petitions had your name, your signature, and your address, and the legitimacy of the signature could be verified; there just isn’t any way to replicate that online.

    My opinion – and I hope Matt will pop in here and share his thoughts – is that staying on top of your elected representatives is probably our first and best line of influence in these issues. Write them, call and leave messages (but a letter is a concrete evidence of your concern and your effort to make your views known). If you have time, write more than once. After a crucial measure has been voted on, write your representatives again to either thank them for their support for your position, or to register your disapproval with their poor choices.

    God bless you in your endeavors – Laura

  3. Matt says:

    Maria and Joe,
    You can and should pray.
    Second to that there is much you can do.
    Can I ask that you read our How to Debate and our What You Can Do pages? If one of the suggestions makes sense try that. Please let us know what you think and how you find you can help.
    Peace – Matt

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