Euthanasia for Fun and Profit

June 15, 2011

 I found this in my email this morning under the clearly Orwellian header of  “Health Care”

Report: Organs harvested from euthanized patients

Triangle Business Journal

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 6:36am EDT

A morbid story which however is important for all of us to know. Doctors are harvesting lungs from patients in Belgium who have been euthanized because the organs are in much better condition than those from someone who has died in an accident, that’s according to which cited a study in releasing the information. 

It says:


 So I did:
…Once you accept that physicians are going to kill patients, it seems logical that they would harvest those organs for transplantation.
At least this writer understands the malice present.  This is bad folks.  It’s really really bad.